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Introducing you the follow-up game

“Fast Forward”

“Fast Forward” is a card game for facilitators, youth workers, project coordinators, trainers, educators, and groups alike. It aims to inspire, engage and encourage participants to discuss and share their ideas and goals for follow-up and dissemination activities – at the end of a youth project. 

I've tried out the “Fast Forward” game on one of the training course and was positively surprised how it transformed the conversations from usual “next steps” into a thoughtfull reflection process. Will use it from on!
Natalia Skorik
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Game Play

During the Gameplay, the task is to get the greatest number of points by collecting and combining specific types of cards. Participants get points for different card or combination of card in various ways, in order to get the maximum number of points.

After the Gameplay is finished, the results of the collected cards will engage the group in an active discussion. During which, participants share their ideas, plans and next steps for follow up activities. Answering certain questions that are posed by the facilitators and can be visualized/recorded on paper – in order to be saved and referred back on, at a later date.

Additionally, cards can also be used in a simple way, such as Inspirational Cards. By excluding Gameplay, facilitators can use them to inspire and engage in discussion through the random distribution of cards among the participants; asking specific questions that are related to the card and the topic of the project. Generally, facilitators are free to use the cards in creative and diverse matters.

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