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Follow-up is an activity or set of activities that continues something which has already been in the process or something that has completed.

Follow-up is not a step to be completed at the end of the activity. It is a process of making sure that work plans, meetings

Follow-up is needed in order to continue the impact your activity/project has in the community. If there is no follow-up, then the knowledge accumulated by participants is not spread and the project stops bringing output.

From experience, when working on an international level there is always the challenge on how to transfer the outcomes of different mobilities within the local organizations afterwards. The aim of this partnership is to develop guidelines and capacities for quality follow-up.

In the world of Erasmus+ projects, the follow-up activities are designed, planned, implemented and followed-through to make sure that the participants can practice the learning outcomes in their respective regions. It ensures the participants bring their acquired skills into training on a smaller scale. 

If the follow-up activities are designed, planned, implemented but not followed-through, then they don’t continue to bring output and the message of the activity/project is not proliferated. 

There are different ways of conducting follow-up. These are just a few examples you can explore more on our website: games, mind maps, templates etc. 

Short answer, no. Why? Because it depends on the needs of the organisation and the needs of the participants. Have they developed action plans and do they need specific support? Has the organisation made on-the-spot commitments or promises regarding the follow-up?

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