Multiplier Event in Austria / November 26, 2022

On November 26th, 2022 Plattform Generation Europa e.V. organised a local multiplier event in Moenichkirchen, Austria.

On Saturday morning, the project team presented the Back2theFuture project in a general overview, including a quiz about follow-up. Participants engaged in conversation tables discussing the meaning of follow-up. The presentation, which included a short slideshow and questions, took place during a plenary meeting in the auditorium at the Blue Whale Education Center. After the presentation, there was a workshop using a World Cafe approach, including an introduction and reflection. The workshop continued in a game space at the Blue Whale Education Center where participants were divided into six groups, each focusing on different items. Groups changed after approximately 20 minutes. Results were presented and discussed by each group, followed by a reflection. The workshop concluded at 17:00 with a buffet.

The coordinators of the event with the city mayor of Moenichkirchen.

The results shared with participants were about:

  • The B2F web portal,
  • An online database with tools and materials related to follow-up activities,
  • A publication,
  • A game called “Fast forward” focuses on follow-up activities and was an unexpected outcome of the project.

?? This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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