e-Tool for Follow-Up Measures

Welcome to the e-Tool for Follow-Up Measures! The online support platform for impact assessment will be filled with information and learning modules for other organisations or youth workers to use.

The online platform will incorporate:

    • A general description of the project;
    • The partner consortium information;
    • The European Commission and the Erasmus+ program disclaimer. 
  • Animated, video representation of IO1 results.
  • Additional materials and tools for supporting and mentoring participants during and after learning mobilities, as well as methodologies for transfer of knowledge within youth organisations.

The most important feature → step by step interactive guideline with different tasks and activities for youth organisations on how to improve impact assessment and knowledge transfer.

The platform will offer various functionalitiess:

– uploading information about findings on methodologies, techniques and activities on better follow-up measures;

– sorting and filtering information per topic;

– creating profiles and monitoring learning for users (as creators and as visitors);

– offering e-learning opportunities (courses);

– selecting language options;

– present information using audio, images, graphics, animations, videos, etc.

– pilot testing the creation and implementation of the portal in a youth exchange.

The core topics of the platform will be:

– Supporting and mentoring of participants during all the stages of the project (preparation, implementation and follow up activities;

– Impact assessment;

– Transfer of knowledge.