of follow-up practice

Who We Are

The Back2theFuture (B2F) community of practice for follow-up action in international youth work is a combination of a digital platform and a network where professionals and stakeholders involved in international youth work come together to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices related to follow-up actions.







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By leveraging expertise and experiences, B2F members contribute to shaping the future of international youth work and drive positive change at a policy level.

Join our supportive and collaborative environment for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and improving follow-up actions.

What we offer

Online Discussion Threads

A dedicated online space (forum) has been set up where professionals working in international youth work engage in discussions, ask questions, and share their experiences and challenges related to follow-up actions. This forum allows for peer-to-peer learning, where individuals seek advice, exchange ideas, and collaborate on finding effective solutions.

Peer Mentoring
and Support

Experienced professionals from the B2F community volunteer as mentors to provide guidance and advice to those seeking assistance with follow-up actions. This mentorship program allows for personalized support, knowledge transfer, and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

Collaborative Projects

Members of the B2F community come together to design and implement joint follow-up actions, share the outcomes and lessons learned, and collectively contribute to advancing the field of international youth work. Collaborative projects promote cross-cultural learning, strengthen professional networks, and enhance the effectiveness of follow-up actions through collective efforts.

Advocacy and
Policy Influence

By bringing together professionals and stakeholders from various organizations and countries, the B2F community highlights the importance of effective follow-up strategies and their impact on youth development. Through joint efforts, we engage with policymakers, share evidence-based practices, and contribute to shaping policies that prioritize follow-up actions as an integral part of international youth work programs. This advocacy work can lead to systemic changes, increased support, and resource allocation for follow-up initiatives, ultimately enhancing the quality and sustainability of youth work interventions on a broader scale.

Resource Sharing

The B2F community of practice serves as a hub for sharing relevant resources, including guidelines, toolkits, case studies, and research papers related to follow-up actions in international youth work. Members contribute their own resources or recommend useful materials that have been valuable in their own practice. This resource repository enhances collective knowledge and provides practitioners with practical tools and guidance to improve their follow-up processes.

Webinars and Workshops

Regular webinars and workshops are organized within the B2F community of practice to provide training, updates, and insights on follow-up actions in international youth work. These sessions cover topics such as monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, project management, and youth engagement strategies. Experts and experienced practitioners are invited as speakers or facilitators to share their expertise and guide participants in implementing effective follow-up actions.